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Mural of "Solidarity with The People of Palestine"

For decades, systematic oppression and ethnic cleansing of the population of Palestine have been carried out by the State of Israel. From land grabbing, forcible relocation of people, disruption of electricity and water supplies, abolition of exchange of goods and services (eg. ban on import of Covid vaccines for medical staff), to rocketing the Gaza Strip in which only in 2021 lost its life 256 people (66 children and 40 women).In moments when there is injustice, it is important not to be silent about it, because in that way we are standing on the side of the oppressor.

This mural was painted on a residential building in Sisak - as a call for an end to Israeli aggression, solidarity with the people of Palestine and hope for a brighter, more peaceful and freer future for all people in Palestine and Israel who are victims of violence and daily injustice. The portrait silhouette belongs to Leila Khaled, Palestinian activist and intellectual.

Sisak, Croatia (2021)

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